Little Dragon 24g Hydrolysed Protein (Pack of 12)


Need a protein boost to help with a workout - or some extra protein between meals?

Looking for a handy protein supplement that tastes great and that doesn't need mixing and prep?

Little Dragon 24g Hydrolysed Protein is the convenient 60ml, ready-to-go shot that is easily absorbed. It packs as much protein as a 4oz sirloin steak or four whole eggs - without the fat or cholesterol. Unlike some bars or other protein snacks 24g Hydrolysed Protein contains no carbohydrates, no fat and no cholesterol.

Packed with B vitamins to aid protein metabolism, Little Dragon 24g Hydrolysed Protein is perfect for the sports person or athlete before or after a workout when they are on the run and need convenience.

Also perfect as a between-meal liquid protein snack for everybody, not just sports people.

Winners in the "Best Shot" category at the International 2011 Beverage Innovation Functional Drinks Awards, Little Dragon Shots are a concentrated, convenient, one-shot boost designed to focus on a specific need and promote a sense of wellbeing.

And don't forget, there are four other "Best Shot" winners in our Little Dragon Shots functional food supplement range all available on Amazon; Little Dragon Pre Workout, Little Dragon B-Vit Gold with Curcumin, Little Dragon Power Focus and Little Dragon Intense Energy.

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