Robert Paulig Moomin Coffee Choco Mint - Filter Coffee - Bag

Gourmet coffee differs from ordinary coffee most of all due to its freshness. Our coffees are roasted in small batches from the best coffee beans in order to ensure the high quality and freshness of the coffee. High quality raw coffee beans arrive to the roastery from carefully selected plantations around the world. Robert Paulig brought coffee to its right level - as a dark, strong, spicy and most of all fresh source of pleasure. "It is not a matter of indifference what kind of coffee we drink; it should be as good as possible." Over the years, the old principles of Robert Paulig's coffee roastery have not changed. Coffee-making is still first and foremost a delicate craft requiring the use of all of one's senses. Strong professional skills and a genuine passion for coffee ensures the most superior quality. Our beans are roasted with a slow roast method, which brings out the most subtle flavours of coffee and provides an exceptional coffee experience. We retain a true feel for coffee throughout the production process, from carefully selected raw beans all the way to the cup. Robert Paulig's coffee is made with love and care for people on the move, who need enjoyment and pleasure during their coffee break to alleviate and overcome the daily grind.

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